Privacy Policy

The Company recognizes the importance of personal information, and it has stipulated the following measures to appropriately manage and protect personal information.

  • 1. The Company’s Name and Address, and Name of the Representatives

    Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.
    Please refer to the following for the Company’s name and address, and name of the representatives.

  • 2. The Company’s Basic Stance

    The Company respects the intent of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and it has stipulated various provisions in relation to the protection of personal information. The Company complies with these provisions, while also revising their contents as required and making continual improvements.

  • 3. Personal Information We Hold

    The Company holds personal information provided by customers (address, name, age, phone number, email address, occupation, etc.; items required to be filled in various surveys, application forms, contracts, etc.), personal information acquired from publicly available information (registers, residential maps, etc.), and personal information from job applicants.

  • 4. Purpose of Use

    • To carry out sales activities (invitations, communication and visits, etc. via postal mail, phone calls, and emails) of the Company’s businesses (sale and purchase of real estate, property brokerage, real estate leasing, real estate development, area management, real estate funds, real estate operation and management, real estate consulting, real estate appraisals, building construction contracts (including remodeling), sale of goods, etc.), and to execute contracts.
    • To carry out customer management and administration, and after-sales services.
    • To analyze surveys on product development, etc., or to analyze customer trends using acquired information on attributes, etc.
    • To recruit the Company’s executives and employees (officers, regular employees, temporary staff, loaned staff, etc.).
    • For other reasons that require communication with customers.
  • 5. Joint Use

    Personal information is jointly used as follows.

    • Provided information: Items listed above in 3.
    • Purpose of use of joint users: Purpose of Use listed above in 4.
    • Scope of users
      • Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group companies (* Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group companies refers to Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries listed in the company’s securities report.)
      • The Company’s Group companies (
      • Business operators that jointly promote the Company’s businesses such as real estate development and sales, real estate sales agency business, property brokerage, and building construction contracts.
      • Financial institutions in the ancillary work of real estate transactions, judicial scriveners, registered land and building surveyors, real estate management companies, customers of the parties involved in brokerage and other transactions, designated distribution networks, housing inspection-related business operators, building construction business operators, designated companies for sales of options, etc., removal business operators, insurance agencies, other service providers, etc.
      • Other parties within the required scope to achieve the purpose of use.
    • Party responsible for the management of the said personal data: Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.
      Please refer to 1. listed above for the Company’s address and name of the representatives.
  • 6. Provision to Third Parties

    In the case of consent received and in the situations listed below, and within the required scope, we will provide the personal information of customers to third parties in writing, by postal mail, phone calls, email, etc.

    • In accordance with laws and regulations
    • When it is necessary for the protection of an individual’s life, physical body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
    • When it is particularly necessary for the healthy development of children or to improve public health, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
    • When it is necessary to cooperate with the performance of work stipulated in laws and regulations and executed by national institutions, local public organizations and persons commissioned with that work, and obtaining consent of the individual may interfere with the execution of the said work.
  • 7. Security Measures

    • The Company has set up various rules in relation to electronic information security management in its database systems, and it is carrying out activities to ensure employees are aware of those rules.
    • The Company is implementing reasonable and secure measures to prevent the unauthorized access of personal information by external parties, and to prevent the risk of information loss, falsification and leakage, etc. Additionally, SSL-encrypted communications are used for personal information transmitted by customers.
  • 8. Outsourcing to External Parties

    If the Company outsources to external parties the processing of the personal information data it holds, it will conclude the necessary agreements such as confidentiality agreements, and carry out appropriate management and supervision as security and management measures.

  • 9. Disclosure, Corrections, Suspension of Use, etc.

    The Company will disclose (including disclosure of third-party records), correct, etc., and suspend the use (including suspending provision to third parties) of an individual’s personal information if requested to do so by the individual. The methods of receipt of the request are by phone call or postal mail for corrections, etc. and suspension of use, etc.

    • For disclosure, requests are received by an individual filling in and posting the prescribed form.
    • There is a 1,000 yen fee per item for information disclosure. A separate letter of proxy is also required in the case of an individual using a proxy. The address, name, phone number, etc. are required items for the Company to confirm the identity of an individual. Please call the consultation desk listed below for further details.
  • 10. Cookie Policy

    A cookie is a small text file that the website sends to your device for the purpose of keeping records. It identifies your device, typically your web browser, but it cannot directly identify
    Some cookies are necessary to operate our website (e.g. for establishing and keeping sessions), while other cookies may be used for the following purposes:

    • Improving website functionality;
    • Collecting analytical data to improve website performance;
    • Delivering advertisements that may be of interest to you from us or our advertising partners based on information collected by tracking users across the internet;

    You can choose whether to allow us or third-parties (e.g. our analytics, advertising and social media partners) to set cookies which are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the website via the cookie banner or cookie settings interface provided on the website.

  • 11. Access Log

    By browsing the Company’s website, the Company and third parties the Company outsources to record in an access log the information of the persons accessing the website.
    The access log contains information on the domain name and IP address of the persons accessing the website, the type of browser used, and the time and date of access. The access log usually does not include information that can identify an individual.
    This website may use the access log as customer information.
    This information is only used for the purposes listed above in 4.